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Why Choose United Medical, LLC?

We promise 100% Satisfaction

We are focused on a vision of a patient-centered community.


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Quite simply —the key component to our success is our willingness to make you one hundred percent satisfied.

How do we do this?

Our staff is comprised of individuals with advanced business and information technology degrees and cross trained allowing for continual redundancy. This enables us to offer a sustained network of support, eliminating all interruptions to cash flow due to employee vacations or unexpected leave of absence. Our staff is dedicated to processing your billing in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

We are:

  • Client Focused
  • Experience You Can Trust
  • Quality and Responsive
  • Multi Lingual Support Staff
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Multi Specialty Experience

We take your practice very seriously. We hold ourselves accountable and strive to deliver only the very best and most personalized service available today.

Your success is our success.

What are the services United Medical Offers?

United Medical provides an extensive and comprehensive menu of services that is needed to manage and grow your business exponentially. Our services are customized to meet your practice’s needs.

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