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UMACO Patient Wellness Platform

UMACO Patient Wellness Platform


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UMACO Wellness Programs?
Our mission is to empower patients with the knowledge, self-care management skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to prevent, maintain  and  coordinate care to achieve wellness. The UMACO Wellness Programs' aim is to improve process for identifying, treating and maintaining our patient's overall well-being and reduce costs of health care.

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How do I participate?
If you are a current patient under the care of our network physicians ―you are a UM Network patient and can participate. In identifying any health risk(s), your doctor will make an order/refer you to an in-network specialist to further engage in your care plan. In addition, you may be eligible to sign-up or get referral for educational class sessions and/or preventive screenings at no cost.

What is the cost to participate in a preventative program?
Today, most preventive care is covered at 100% (no cost). Take advantage of it to prevent disease or identify it early. Keeping up with your screenings, check-ups, vaccinations, and routine physicals are all part of taking control of your health and being an informed consumer of health care.

How do I stay on top of my health?
This means making wise health care choices; choices that can help control and reduce insurance costs for you, your family, while keeping you healthy! It means understanding your covered benefits, your network providers, comparing costs and making informed decisions.

We encourage you to be wise and proactive with your health by:
  • understanding your insurance benefits;
  • keeping track of your health care;
  • following up on routine wellness exams and immunizations;
  • communicating closely with your care team about changes about your health, lifestyle, and habits; and
  • following treatment and self-care management directions.

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